About Us

Smartlist is a revolutionary electronic directory, developed by the smart people at Lionscribe Software, LLC, which enables the end user - that would be you! - to download the entire directory of a particular city onto their smartphones or java enabled mobile devices. Smartlist is geared to the "on-the-go" successful people of the twenty first century, who rely on their mobile devices for all their information needs. Print directories, heavy and outdated white and yellow pages books are heading the way of the dinosaur; Smartlist is the smart, quick and easy choice for today's fast paced world.

But that's not all!

Not only does Smartlist offer instant local residential as well as business listings in a clean, sharp and searchable format... Smartlist also includes local business banner advertisements with every directory query, giving users exposure to local retail establishments and services, beyond the simple listings.

Smartlist is currently available for:

If you haven't yet downloaded Smartlist, now would be a great time to do so! Join the over 75,000 satisfied "Smartlisters" and simplify your everyday life... it's the smart choice!

If you own a local business and want to join the ranks of other smart business owners and place your ad within the Smartlist directory, which has a limited amount of ad space available in order to maximize advertisers' exposure, contact us today... it's the smart choice!

Smartlist is the smart choice for local listings!