Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I update the database for an Android, iPhone or Blackberry?
Android Go into the application and expand sliding menu. Click on "More", then on "Manage Locations". Click on the "Update" icon.
Blackberry Go into application> Menu>databases>Get & Update Databases.
iPhone Go to the slide-out menu by swiping to the right or clicking on the menu button, then click on 'More Locations'.  Then click 'Update Locations' if you are not yet on the update screen.

Q: How do I change the font size for an Android, iPhone or Blackberry?

Android Stretch or pinch screen with two fingers.
Blackberry Go into application>Menu>Options.
iPhone The application uses your device's default font setting.

Q: Is my device compatible with the Smartlist?

Android 4.0+ *
iPhone/iPad IOS Version 7.0+
All Blackberrys running OS 4.21 or higher
Window Mobile (old)
Palm (old)
Most Java enabled phones (old)

Not Compatible
Palm Web OS
Windows Phone 7 OS (WP7)
Verizon BREW phones

* Old versions of the app are available starting with Android version 2.2. However, these versions are not updated.

Q: How can I get the Smartlist onto my device if I don't have internet access?

Blackberry To install the application - download to a computer and use bb desktop to install it onto your device.
To get the databases - send blank email to and follow the included instructions.

Palm Download to your computer and use Hotsync (or any other method, such as a sd card) to copy it to your device.

Windows Mobile Download to your computer. Copy the CAB installation file to an SD card or to your device. On your device, use File Explorer to launch the installation file.

Java Enabled Phones This will work on many devices, but we cannot guarantee that it will work on all devices. Download to your computer. Copy the JAR file to an SD card. On your device, use the File Explorer to browse to the JAR file on the card and open it. This hopefully will start the installation.